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Models / Natalia Forrest
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Natalia Forrest Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 6inch / 165cm
Date Of Birth:  19 January
Measurements:  32B-25-35
Fun Fact:  "Girl Of the Month" March 2017
Astrological Sign:  Capricorn
Hair Colour:  Brown
Eye Colour:  Green
Dress Size:  8
Shoe Size:  6
Nationality:  Pilipino

Natalia is a mixed-race girl, combining Filipino with Caucasian, a great mix with gives her very distinctive green eye. A few models recommended her to shoot with, and when I looked her up I found she worked to adult levels and even on occasion has done some boy girl work, then (as normal) I notice the legs, I was sold!

The shoot was great so was just so easy to work with, didn't complain or object once to anything we shot, or what she had to wear. She has now returned to shoot several times and for long periods of time, we have lots of content of her still yet to post, but Natalia is still modelling none the less.
Natalia Forrest Updates

No Need for Skirts
Natalia Forrest
Natalia Forrest prefers no to wear a school skirt, but she is more than happy with the rest of the uniform. Watch her test out her theory and let us know what you think.

Upping those Grades
Natalia Forrest
Miss Natalia Forrest is failing her classes and drops in to see her teacher to find out what she can do to pump up those grades, nothing come to mind, but maybe we can start we can start with some practice for her oral exams.


Up-Skirt, Up Tight
Natalia Forrest
It time for our monthly visit from Natalia Forrest, we added a little bit of bondage with no heels and plenty up-skirt on this months update.


Tie & BJ, Sir?
Natalia Forrest
It a tie and blow job thing, and cock sucker Natalia Forrest is here to show you why and how much she loves cock. She would love you to watch, she would love you to cum in her mouth.


Get Ready for This..
Natalia Forrest
This month's update from Natalia Forrest is an up tease, watch her get ready for her classes, dressing smartly in her school uniform complete with stockings and high heels.


Better Grades Please!
Natalia Forrest
Natalia Forrest need a quick solution to her low grades and the quickest way she can pump them up and by getting to know you, her teach on a more personal level.


Hot Feet
Natalia Forrest
Here on college-uniform.com we do not do much when it comes to feet, yes we are more about high Heels than anything, but not today, Natalia is one schoolgirl with hot feet.


Bedtime Tease JOI
Natalia Forrest
Asian Schoolgirl Natalia Forrest Teases in nothing more than her red netball skirt, socks and high heels hmm and some Jerk Off Instrustion time with Natalia!


Suit You!
Natalia Forrest
Sexy Natalia Forrest in back in the office and high heels, and a great and sexy Secretary strip tease photo set, I bet you would love to file something in her in tray!


Opps! I better Suck You Off
Natalia Forrest

As with Chloe toy, we will get a monthly update from Natalia Forrest during 2021, this month’s update is a video, where Natalia role-plays a situation, where she has to suck your cock to resolve it.


Chains and Plaid
Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest thinks there is nothing wrong with a little bit of bondage and her school uniform, as out come the hand cuffs.


Bath Tub Fun
Natalia Forrest

Nataila Forrest landing in the bath tube, full dress for some fun in her Airline Uniform, if cabin crew is you thing, then you will love the real Air hostess uniform Natalia get wet in.


Schoolgirl Slut
Natalia Forrest

Here come your New Year Bang! With our Slutty (but Dominate) schoolgirl slut, Natalia Forrest back in her role play


Slutty College Girl
Natalia Forrest

Get in character with Natalia Forrest, this is her last outing before the New Year as a bratty, slutty college girl, that we know, needs a good fucking


Christmas Cums Twice
Natalia Forrest

We normally do not push Christmas here at college-uniform.com, but as 2020 has been a bad year, here is one of the sites favourite models in a little Santa outfit for you today!

Smart Jerk Off
Natalia Forrest

White Christmas anyone, Natalia Forrest will help you achieve that in her smart schoolgirl uniform, it is time for one of her legendary Jerk Off Instruction videos.


Maid for Fucking
Natalia Forrest
Asian maid Natalia is doing your house work, but watching her all that bending over and stretching to reach those hard to get places has made you both a little excited, so Natalia uses her glass dildo to show you what is install if you are a good boy.


Pick up / Hook Up
Natalia Forrest
It is the party season and Natalia is dressed in her party dress! there is only one thing you have on your mind, time to get closer to Natalia than you have ever been before.


Posh Uniform Jerk Off
Natalia Forrest

Time to Join Natalia Forrest for she Jerk Off instruction from her in her posh schoolgirl uniform, will you last the whole lesson in this months video update from Natalia?


College Tie
Natalia Forrest
Natalia Show you the correct way of how to tie and wear a tie at college, in her college shirt and short skirt.


Ties and Cock
Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest dressed very smartly in her schoolgirl uniform as always, make with whipping out some guys cock, and playing her mouth around his bell end.


Tie & Blow Job
Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest, get on her knees and does what she does BEST! she loves to suck a bit of cock and today in her schoolgirl uniform, she is doing just that.


Natalia Forrest Nude
Natalia Forrest

We don't want to give you a complete over dose on uniform during December, and here we have a video of Natalia Forrest, nude said for her Stockings and Heels

USMC Olive
Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forest shows us who is wearing the trousers in the Military, Here she is in a USMC uniform looking smart with her Louboutin high heels and looks that would kill.


Footjob Jerkoff
Natalia Forrest

Here is another one of our monthly updates from Natalia Forrest, and this video has a little bit of everything, Footjob and jerk off encouragement, with Natalia in her schoolgirl uniform. This set also marks our 100th update of Natalia Forrest.


Virgin In The Air
Natalia Forrest

Touching down for another update Natalia Forrest is wearing a famous red airline uniform. Make sure you get your first class service and any extras, if you have upgraded from economy and sure Natalia will offer you drink and something to juicy munch on, if you get the urge.


Party Girl
Natalia Forrest

Natlaila Forrest has a Party to go to and over excited about it as always you get to watch her slip out of her schoolgirl uniform and slip into something a little more sexy (as in her party dress) in this months video update from her.


Home and Away Summer Dress
Natalia Forrest

Take a trip down under on Natalia Forrest as she offers up an Australian high school summer dress, white ankle socks and a pair of Mary Janes for today’s schoolgirl update


USSR Army Officer
Natalia Forrest

There is no cold war when Natalia Forrest has a hot slot that you can place you weapon in, so get ready to unload your magazine in her box, as this Russian Army Officer kitted out with red soled fuck me boots and a hat.


Natalia Forrest
Break out the Brill cream, for Natalia Forrest just joined up with the R.A.F. and dressed up on one of their parade uniforms, now someone has talked about the 20mintures and Natalia assures me then she will go down in 20 minutes and loves to be shoot, charge up you flak guns and Natalia wears this military...


Home and Away
Natalia Forrest

Some of you may know of a popular Australian soap opera, and well summer dress is from down under and I know Natalia is more than happy with show you where on her down under it is from. Natalia Forrest looking great in this summer dress and High heeled Louboutin combination.


In Purple
Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest shows of her very best in today’s schoolgirl uniform update in one of college-uniform.com most popular schoolgirl uniform with her high heel and black stockings, and her killer Asian looks.


Natalia Forrest

I am sure a lot of you are feeling very arrested or want to be with Natalia in her NYPD uniform. Call the police as a crime will happen, I wonder why she need gloves and hand cuffs, any ideas. With a skirt that short and heels that high, I feel like we will all be doing hard time.


In Posh Brown Uniform
Natalia Forrest

Natalia is looking more than fine in today’s schoolgirl uniform update. This posh brown uniform seems to agree with her figure and Natalia shows of more leg than she should with here high heels and vintage style stockings. A she is ready to put you in your place!


Hot Schoolgirls
Carla Brown , Natalia Forrest

Watch these two ladies get toe know each other a little better, dressed in knee high sock and Louboutin heels our two hot schoolgirls today are Carla Brown and Natalia Forrest, come and see then in the members area at college-uniform.com


Navy and Pink with Socks
Natalia Forrest

Here is a simple and great schoolgirl uniform mix with Natalia Forrest, Natalia is looking like a typical hot Asian schoolgirl self in this simple and tight uniform with is very tight mini-skirt and we added some socks to match in with the colours and flat ballerina pumps.


Natalia Forrest

Natalia is on call, but super busy. Every time she is on duty is seems like everyone falls ill, I can already feel my blood pressure rising and temperature increase, and I have a throbbing in my pants due to Natalia being the nurse on call.


Natalia Forrest

There is always one girl in the officer, that everyone wants to fuck, and Natalia Forrest knows it is her (many due to be the only girl in the office) but the hot Asian secretary know how to make or male members of staff drewl dress smartly in her office attire and high heels Louboutin’s.


Sexy and Cute in Plaid
Natalia Forrest

Natalia is back in schoolgirl uniform with her with over knee sock, and Louboutin heels (to which she looks so good in) as with placed her back into a uniform that give of that American High School vibe, with it's jersey and plaid skirt.


Air Stewardess
Natalia Forrest

High-flyer Natalia Forrest invites you to join her in the first class lounge for a little more than an in-flight refreshment. Natalia’s reputation of being a first-class air hostess seems to travel with her, let her know if there is anything else you need her for.


USAF Officer
Natalia Forrest
Above the rest, Natalia Forrest enjoys being on top and in control. She has now become your commanding officer and her ice breaking introduction is something you will not forget in a hurry, no need to taking notes, you will remember this as Natalia Forrest strips of her USAF uniform and get ready to...


Green and red Stripped
Natalia Forrest
Natalia finds another uniform that she has not yet worn in our wardrobe and her told us that seamless pantyhose and wearing pantyhose without pantys is the best thing for us to shoot her in, she thinks that all schoolgirls should be wearing this under their uniforms, with high heels, I am not sure where...


US Navy
Natalia Forrest
Reporting for a tour of duty with the US Navy, Natalia Forrest told me that dressing up in her officers’ uniform with it heels and schoolgirl turned her of, and that she is very keen to find out what RIMPAC is all about, well I think it not what she expects, but at least she gets to work with seamen....


Fuku Uniform
Natalia Forrest
Sooner of later with Natalia Forrest Asian looks with were going to place her in the Fuku. Yes, for fan of Joshi Kosei we have broken the seal and unleash Natalia on our sailor moon uniform, If you like hot models in cute Japanese schoolgirl uniform, then you will love today’s update from Natalia Forrest....


Navy and Pink
Natalia Forrest
A simple uniform set sometimes is better a large uniform with many layers, Natalia Forest gets to focus her energy today on her pussy. Yes, her pussy, dressed in her schoolgirl uniform you get to watch her play with it, once she has pealed back her pantyhose and legs those long legs of hers, you will...


Green Humbug
Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest wears this uniform like she owns it. Look smart and sexy in the bottle green schoolgirl outfit from the UK. Come and see the rest of her photo sets and video at college-uniform and see her in and out for uniform. Natalia seems to perfectly fill this uniform in her high heels.


Blue and Yellow Shower
Natalia Forrest

Does Natalia get you wet in your pants, well it seems that dressing up this Asian babe in schoolgirl uniform get her wet in hers, but that due to having her fully dressed in the shower so we can watch her get wet and her uniform fully saturated.