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  • Most websites you will visit, will not have an ethos, however given the nature of college-uniform and some people views, it is best for us to clearly define what college-uniform is. College-uniform is a clothing fetish website, therefore we like to see the models in uniform, all models by law are over 18 years of age at the time of photography and no models roleplay in terms of them being younger than their natural age. Simply put, attractive adult women in uniform. We mostly used British glamour models for our soft content and for Adult content, we use European performers, most scenarios explore a mutual and dominate female with in the photography and scene. As college-uniform.com is a clothing fetish site, we try to keeping the majority of the uniform on, during the scenes. To clarify, this site is about uniform, NOT role-play and concept of the slutty cheerleader or someone in power taking someone innocents or virginity is lost on most of our audience. We all went to school, we all had fantasies as we matured into the people we are today, and many people still have fantasies based on that, or experiences they had growing up. College-uniform is about adult exploring that fantasy there is nothing sinister going on with in the site, and if you have a fetish for uniforms, then you are in good company.
  • We have one policy on the site, that is not to mention in name schools / colleges that may have a uniform or that has a uniform on the site. We do not want to encourage any behaviour at could be considered as “anti-social” or a “public nuisance” due to that, photo set and video set commenting, private messaging between members and user forum have been disable. You are able to directly message site admin, within the members area.
  • We do have a Privacy Policy, to which is linked on the bottom of every page. However, personally I hate spam email, sales phones calls and people knocking on my door trying to sell me stuff, due to that, I will not do it to you.
  • College-uniform is updated 3 times a week, these updates can be photo-sets and / or videos. Currently once a month there is a hardcore updated, with the photo set posted at the end of out going month, followed the next week by the video. We hope to update this in the future to more, where possible.
  • All models by law are over the age of 18 at the time of photography, we must keep documented evidence of this to be in business. If we do not, then are Billing company would not allow use to use their services and would not process you billing. All models are professional, if they offer over services on the internet then that is their own personal choice. We will not produce content that pushes a model into a situation that they have not agreed to or feel uncomfortable or intimidated into. Most models are approached via agencies, some contacted us directly. We will not hand out personal information on any models.
  • All soft models come form the UK, there are either British, living in the UK or at time of photography been living in the UK. The level of “pornography” ranges though from non-nude, implied topless, topless, nude, frontal nude, open leg. We have had some UK models that have worked solo hard (with toys) and girl / girl hard. All UK models are professional Glamour models, most of them have been page3 girls and Playboy (as in printed in Playboy or Playboy Special editions).
  • With one exception, all other Hard models (Adult performers) are from the European union. All these models are booked via a professional agency. These levels include hard solo, girl / girl hard and boy / girl hard.
  • College uniform will normally look to produce content with models (of all levels) that are considered “leggy” in that they have long legs. We do not like models who have a high level of ink work, however it tattoos can be covered by uniform, we will consider a model. If a soft model has ink work to a high level, it is likely she will be rejected, as soft models can only participate in strip tease.
  • That is time, in with the glamour / adult industry it has become difficult to get model to agree to shoots. You can request a model; however, we would suggest that you order a custom if that was the case, keeping in mind the models levels. Be prepare for the possibility she may reject our offer to work with us.
  • Seriously we are super fussy who we shoot, really! You can drop us a line via twitter. https://twitter.com/collegeuniform
  • So please keep in mind this every changing dynamic of society. If you are female, and where born female then you are of to a good start. Sorry to those that are trans gender, or cross dressers. We have an audience, they pay to see Women in uniform, they therefor fund the site to run and so we can produce more of what they want to see. If we therefore produce something that would upset this balance, we would no longer be in business, this is not discrimination, it is a fact.
  • We have all sorts of uniforms, what we do not do is buy stuff from places like Ann summers or Leg Avenue and say it is uniform, just because the picture show a model dress in something that looks like a police officer on the box. The uniforms we use 99.9% are real, we try to get them 100% correct but sometimes it is difficult or expensive getting all the detail correct. We have a range of uniform, over 90 school uniform 20 airline uniforms and military and police. Each uniform has been given a code, so you can search for it on the site and hopefully when you view a photo set or video the site will offer other suggests of the model or uniform.
  • We get our uniforms from several different places, some have been sent in, somewhere purchased from stores physically and on-line and off course eBay.
  • We do not sell our uniforms, some of the uniform we have now, can not be replaced, uniforms are very expensive, we take the best of care as we want them to last, and still look good on models for many years to come.
  • Uniforms can range in price, from £40 into the hundreds of pounds, research is done on military uniform so we can try our best to get things 100% correct but at times it is difficult getting hold of items.
  • Yes, you can send in uniform, however, please ask first. We cannot accept any over sized objects, so please ask for a sizing guide also just check with us, we have a large number of black and navy blue uniforms so we would like to keep away from those colours, but also we could save you money, if all you need to do is send in a jersey and tie, contact Admin direct in the members area.
  • 99% of content is shoot exclusively for college-uniform.com, it is shot in house by one person that cover the EU and UK. Most of our production is shot in our studio, located in France. We have someone in the USA who will occasionally shoot sets for us, and we buy in our Japanese content, from a supplier. We are not a part of OnlyTease If anyone is in doubts or has be approached by an individual claiming they work for the site, and please feel free to contact us via twitter. https://twitter.com/collegeuniform
  • Customs can be tasking to produce at time, we allot 10 minutes to video to keep the files size down (unless you order a hardcore video or scene) and photo sets are limited are around 100 images. We want to do are very best for you, so if you submit a custom, please place everything on ONE email, we will miss information if you spread your order details over a number of different emails. Please keep in mind the Law, if the request is legal and the model agree, we will produce it, but also keep in mind something like a smoking video in schoolgirl uniform, that is OK, but in public it will raise questions. Likewise dot not slit up your scene or photo set, it should take no more than 30 minutes to produce a 10minute video, we will not travel 45 minutes to shoot at a location. You are paying for the model’s time at the level you requested. The copyright of the content remains with college-uniform.com for producing it, editing, processing, and giving you access to it. Be respectfully with your requirements and at the same time, do not be shy, we do not need rhetorical information, we need facts. We do not need a back story, we just need to know what where are shooting.
  • Depending on the model and the level, depends on the price. Customs start around £120 mark for a softcore tease video / photo set. If you have requested a European model, you will find that this price will be higher. If you are request a hardcore video, the you should be aware that the average price for a European model is around £600 some models are higher. We use the top model in the EU, they are professional, look great and they are good at their job. We simply can not produce any hardcore video for less than £500, and off course that mean that college-uniform.com will feature the video as the site part funds you custom at this price.
  • If I ever find a model that agrees to this and if you a willing to pay and large amount of money to come and watch. I never met a model yet, that would allow a member of the public to watch a shoot in production.
  • Are billing is done by the nice people at EPOCH, we have a long working relationship with them. They have great payment options, and if you have an issue, a real person will email you back. They have direct contact with us, so if there are any problems, they will tell us.
  • There should only be 3 reasons why you cannot access the site: 1) Your credit / debit card has been blocked for billing and if that is the case you will need to take it up with your bank. 2) Your Account has been suspended due to you sharing it with other, we are watching! And yes we will know, and you will know, so please do not try and kid us, we know who you are and we all know that the game of cat and mouse has be going on for years! 3) A technical issue, when you were billed, sometimes we on an odd occasion we will not get the information that you billing has been processed, and if this is the case you just need to contact EPOCH. There are a few other reasons such as: Your account has expired Your credit / debit card has expired You have not paid yet (yes that does happen)
  • All payments are made via EPOCH We have 2 options monthly recurring month non-recurring (same price) We do not accept bankers’ cheques, cash via the post or night of passion with farm yard animals as form of payment. regards off how hansom you horse is.
  • Imagine if I went into a supermarket and asked if I could have a free shop, just to try out the supermarket services. Everything at college-uniform.com costs, and we work endlessly to bring you better, your month subscription would not fund a school blouse, so please keep this is mind. We have always thrown down a challenge, that if you think you can do better, then please try. The production cost of this site is expensive.