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Models / Anissa Kate
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Anissa Kate Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 4inch / 163cm
Date Of Birth:  07 May
Measurements:  34D-26-32
Astrological Sign:  Taurus
Hair Colour:  Black
Eye Colour:  Brown
Dress Size:  8
Shoe Size:  3
Nationality:  French
Photo Sets:  14
Movies:  14

We could not have started college-uniform.com introduction into hardcore porn any better, then with France’s “First Lady of Porn” Anissa Kate. Known throughout Europe and the USA, she is exotic and stunning and the first girl that we got to fuck in uniform, and she came back for more!

Anissa contacts us to shoot, and oddly at the time we had spotted her and was like wow, (yeah, look at her long legs) but we never thought in a million years that we would get an email from her asking to shoot. We told her what we wanted, and we told her we had never done it before.

We will never forget Anissa, her charisma was almost intoxicating.

We had Anissa is some solo sets, and even a Jerk of instruction video, speaking a little French as I know some of you like girls speaking in a non-English language, but we where able to start shooting Boy / Girl and we did our first episode of Plumber Tails with Anissa. She really moved the college-uniform.com to the next level for us.

Anissa Kate was the first French model we worked with on the Site despite being based in France for most of our productions.

Anissa Kate is most certainly a girl of our dreams, they were just something classy about her and we are still in awe of her shooting with us, first impression and all that, unforgettable we are still pinching ourselves to see if it did really happen, and it was not a dream.
Anissa Kate Updates

Summer Dress Fun
Anissa Kate
Anissa Kate is back in her summer dress uniform and pantyhose to show us some fun in her schoolgirl attire. And it is all around fun for her, she gets to play with a Doxy massage wand, but she also seem excited for our studio furniture and enjoys herself while she dry humps our casting couch, with and long legs spread over it back.


Suck and Fuck Lolly
Anissa Kate
Sweeter than sweet, how can you not resit Anissa's sticky treat? French adult star Anissa Kate teases us in her schoolgirl uniform with her lolly, giving it a good suck, and gentleman if that is not enough for you, she spreads her long legs in her uniform and fucks her pussy with the long sticky shaft, giving herself a good eight inches of sugar.


Fucking Machine
Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate is that she is so sexual that many men can not give her want she wants or satisfy her in the way she would like. Dressed in her schoolgirl uniform she spreads her legs and get ready for some mechanical, Anissa looks fantastic as she rides the machines cock in doggie fashion with her leg behind her in her uniform and high heels.


Fun on a Sofa
Anissa Kate
Today we introduce Anissa to our powerful massage wand, supplied by Doxy in the UK. Anissa is looking smart and as always as hot as hell in her schoolgirl uniform and stockings. Sitting on casting couch with her legs wide open, Anissa plays with the Doxy's head on her pussy and enjoys every second of it, it a power pleasure pal for any girl.


Royal Blue Doxy
Anissa Kate

Anissa enjoys her video set with are Doxy massage wand, in makes her smile and her legs treble when she climaxes. Being dressed in schoolgirl uniform is also something of a turn on for her, this is something else she has come to enjoy. Anissa Kate look great in this uniform with the opaque pantyhose and Louboutin heels on her long legs.


A Full Mouth
Anissa Kate

If you do a quick look for Anissa Kate on the internet, well you find many images of her with a full mouth. Our members enjoy seeing girls suck, but not all enjoy seeing the girls suck real cocks, so with a little role-play and a uniform, we have an amazing dildo that simulates cum, still I recall Anissa asking if I wanted my cock suck when we shot this… you bet!


Purple Plaid and Dildo
Anissa Kate

Here is our hot French girl Anissa Kate in her schoolgirl uniform look stunning and sexy in her smart schoolgirl uniform. If the schoolgirl uniform doesn't do it for you that the Louboutin high heels and black fishnet stockings has to, of this lady it all looks hot, and her wonderful body. Pop in and see Anissa Kate today, join college-uniform.com


Hot Schoolgirl Dressing
Anissa Kate

Top French adult model Anissa Kate dresses smart of school in her schoolgirl uniform. Strip tease can be fun, but watch a girl get dressed and paying attention to her look at she prepares to meet the day at school can also be enjoyable. Top girls Anissa show us how she does this in her white socks and high heels.


Navy and Green uniform
Anissa Kate
It goes without saying that Anissa in one of Europe's sexist ladies, and in this photo set today you get to see what that is. Her long sexy tanned legs, her jet-black hair and her beautiful eyes stun you. And dressed in this schoolgirl uniform with a mini skirt and Louboutin heels Annisa looks simply amazing in this photo set, and I am sure she will have many new fans after this see her photos.


Dressing into Purple
Anissa Kate
Many people ask to see girls getting dressed, we understand this. Our website is about uniform so strip tease means getting rid of the uniform, but an "up tease" means putting on the uniform and here we have French model Anissa Kate dressing smartly for school in her schoolgirl attire., with her fish nest stockings and Louboutin heels.


Dressing into Posh Black Uniform
Anissa Kate
Today Anissa Kate gets all dressed up for school in one of our smartest schoolgirl uniforms. This a smart uniform that has red trims and matches perfectly with Anissa's heels. It has a traditional woollen blazer and sexy school skirt, and favourite with members and models and you can see Anissa's up tease in this uniform now.


Navy Jerk Off
Anissa Kate
Lt. Cdr Anissa Kate is here to instruct you in some navy tradition of jerking off aboard on ship. She is dress smartly in her US Navy uniform and with a sexy French accent she will command you to stroke your penis until you pump out your balls. If the site of her in her uniform is not enough, then her French accent will be enough to turn you on.


Getting Dressed
Anissa Kate
Not everyone likes a stripe tease, so here we have Anissa getting dressed for school, in her sexy schoolgirl uniform with heels, as Anissa is French, it would of course only be right that she wears stockings wither uniform. So here is an "up tease" with Anissa Kate getting dressed for smartly for school in her uniform.


BJ and Strip
Anissa Kate
After getting such a great blow job from Anissa Kate, more fun comes as she then teases you even more. As you recover from exploding in her mouth, she strips out of her sexy schoolgirl uniform. She slips out of her smart uniform and leggings with her cute ballerina pumps, find out what make Anissa Kate so popular and why she is France's #1 adult star.


Grey Pantyhose
Anissa Kate
Anissa Kate wows us all again in a typical British schoolgirl uniform with opaque pantyhose on her long legs. Looking smart in her school blazer with her school tie, Anissa teases in her high heeled Louboutin's, do you have a thing for red soled heels? We know that a lot of people do, and so does French adult star Anissa Kate.


Posh Schoolgirl Fuck
Anissa Kate

Dressed in smart in her Louboutin heels the red and black lines match her schoolgirl uniform. You have seen the video, here is the photo set. French schoolgirl Anissa Kate has only one thing on her mind and that is S.E.X. and so let the game being and she is some suck and fucking your cock and you can enjoy it when she spread her legs and you enter her pussy.


Cute in Plaid
Anissa Kate
Sexy Schoolgirl Anissa Kate is here to tease you in her cute plaid skirt long legs and high heels. If you saw most girls wearing this, you would be "hey" but here we have French adult star Anissa Kate, it does not get any better than that. The sexy French girls always look as hot as hell in any uniform we give her to pose in, and it always a pleasure to see her work.


Sexy Casting Video
Anissa Kate

This is Anissa Kate's casting video, the sexy Anissa is dressed in a tight schoolgirl uniform with stocking and high heels Louboutin's but the great thing is, our lucky interviewer get the opportunity to fuck Anissa as she spreads her legs as you piledrive her and her pussy still in her schoolgirl uniform with her high heels and stockings.


Casting Photo Set
Anissa Kate
This is Anissa Kate's casting photo set, Anissa looks so hot in this uniform she has picked for her casting. This tight schoolgirl uniform with stocking and high heels Louboutin's, our lucky man gets the opportunity to fuck Anissa with her legs spread wide with her stockings and Louboutin high heels in her uniform.


Schoolgirl Fun
Anissa Kate

Dress in a hot schoolgirl uniform with her plaid skirt, knee high socks and high heels Anissa Kate has you on the sofa and just where she wants you, do you have time for a blow job, because she does and she is not taking no for an answer. The Sexy French schoolgirl is going to have some schoolgirl fun and is requires you cock!


Schoolgirl Fuck Video
Anissa Kate

Dressed in smart in her Louboutin heels the red and black lines match her schoolgirl uniform. This is something of posh affair, but sexy French schoolgirl Anissa Kate has only one thing on her mind and that is S.E.X. and so let the game being and she is some suck and fucking your cock and you can enjoy it when she spread her legs and you enter her pussy.


In the Navy
Anissa Kate
It is not just schoolgirl uniform we do here at college-uniform.com as Anissa found out. Most girls are happy to try on many of the uniform we have and Anissa was no different the chance to wear a smart US Navy uniform is not something you get to try on every day and so sexy Anissa is ready of duty and awaits her seamen!


Plumber Tails
Anissa Kate

Anissa is the first girl to give a little lovin' to our plumber, The plumber is a story line about a handy man who gets himself over powered and stuck in an all girl’s school, he is then used as the girls sex toys where each girl satisfies her sexual frustration and fucks his brains out. This is really based on a true story. This video is now available in 4K UHD.


A Girl's Doxy
Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate enjoys another chance to play with a Doxy massager wand, she is dressed in our classic schoolgirl uniform with stockings and high heels. Anissa spreads those long legs of her and get a little satisfaction and you get to watch. Come and see what France's leading lady does for fun in her schoolgirl uniform. The Doxy will get her warmed up and ready for out Plumber's Tails.


Gym Teacher
Anissa Kate
Can you image being Anissa Kate gym teacher, think of her having a crush on you and coming to tell you so and then her sucking your cock in her schoolgirl uniform. She is down on her knees and looking up at you all the time she massages you cock with her mouth, sucking you until you come, there is no need to just watch this video.


Stripped Blazer
Anissa Kate
Check out the long legs of Anissa Kate in her uniform, the leggy French schoolgirl pulls you in with her stockings and high heels, can you imagine those legs wrapped around you body or neck. Sexy Anissa is France's top adult model, you can enjoy her photo and video set here at college-uniform.com of here in a range of uniforms.


Summer Dress
Anissa Kate
Keeping it simply, Anissa Kate first set on the site is a gentle introduction to her as an adult star and for her to get used to our whole schoolgirl uniform thing. European girls do have school uniform or know what it is about, so it's time to give a few lessons. Anissa is here in a summer dress and pantyhose with some flat ballerina pumps.


CU Member
Such a great model, she looks like a dream in uniform.