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  • This website is an “ADULT” themed website, suitable for only for those over the age of 18 years old. The content of this site may include what is Soft or Hard pornographic images and video, suitable of an adult audience.

    This may content solo girl soft, solo girl hard, girl / girl and girl / boy content.

    All models, performers and porn actor are established professionals, this website can be best described as a uniform fetish website, and NOT a themed role-play site as such. There are some played scenarios, however no means or suggestions that are model are underage.
  • The site contains video and photo content, there are no hidden fees. You pay one price of admission to access all content on this site.
    Photo content is usually 2500 pixels x 3888 pixels in JPG format.

    Video content depending on age will stream in range from 720p to 4K resolution.
    We have upgraded most videos content to HD or 4K resolution video. In some cases, we have used AI software, to upscale older video predating 720p and sharpen up some older 720p / 1080p video to bring the members a better experience. We have also edited some video to be view and played back on smart phones.

    Please note that we have content dating back to 2004, and our older content may not follow the specifications as above and will have a very different style about it.

  • Joining college-uniform.com grants, you access to this site (https://www.college-uniform.com) and two other sites. Hollyshunnies.com and AdultAllStars.com
    The two extra websites are accessible direct from the members area via college-uniform.com, meaning that you must be logged into college-uniform to access them. There is NO extra cost to access these sites via our members' area.

    The site currently updates a twice a week, the content will be a mix of photos and / or video. We are trying to improve the schedule of updates in the coming year 2023 across all sites and have been seeking to get back to full production for some time, however we have had many issues after the pandemic, as we are sure you all have had also and due that that we thank you for your understanding.

    --- COVID-19 UPDATE --

    Until COVID-19 Restrictions are removed, we are unable to produce any new hardcore content. However, once these are lifted, we will return and filling in the months we have missed with hardcore boy / girl content, we are sorry for this disruption to our service and to your enjoyment.
  • All content on this site is copyrighted by Intermedia Associates Ltd and the respected photographers and production. All legal paperwork concerning the production is held with the office of the custodian of records.

    Copyrighted content means that the end user ‘use’ is for personal use only, host, broadcasting, re-posting, editing copying and redistribution of the content for the exchange of money, or freely is NOT authorized.

    We work in partnership with Takedown Piracy Inc, to ensure that unauthorized use of our content is removed. Copyright infringement is kept on record and repeat offenders may be prosecuted.
  • Not all content is shot exclusively for this site, most of our content is shot in house (we so self-produce this content) and is sometimes disturbed with our partners under a licenced agreement. We also support and use other work from photographers and productions under agreement on occasions.

    All photography takes place on location or in studio within the EU, all models are established professionals. No model(s) will be contacted and asked to shoot for us via twitter or social media, however we are more than happy to welcome communication asking and requesting work by model via social media, but in most cases, we will use a professional listed agent to book models.

    If anyone has their doubts or has been approached by an individual claiming they work for the site or Rotten Banana Media Ltd, then please feel free to contact us to twitter. https://twitter.com/collegeuniform.
  • This has now become a difficult task due to our shooting schedule and the availability of models. We now no longer shoot with UK models. And the cost of shooting with European model and much great than that of UK models, more so for adult performers.

    If you are not willing to spend £/$/€/ 1000 on a custom, we cannot make it work, however if you are happy and willing to do so, then please contact us.

    We will consider working with other productions and will collaborate on content production. You can do this by contact our production company. Rotten Banana Media .
  • Sorry, this is just not possible, many model(s) will refuse that any members or unprofessional crew member on set should not be present a onset. We also do not allow members of the public access to interact with models or adult performers on set. If you are interested with what goes on during production, then we have Behind the Scenes content and photo shoots for you to view in the members' area.
  • This website does use face cloning technology (commonly known as DeepFake), we have the right form each model release, to be able to clone a model or performers face / head and use it in another videos or photo sets.

    We respect that this may be seen as deceitful, however for the purposes of only fantasy entertainment. We do honour and respect that a model’s professional level of explicit performance is kept with the bounds of any created video or images used be such methods.

    For example, is a model has shot with us to the level of topless glamour, we will not use her likeness in hardcore sex scenes.

    Face cloning technology can be used in video and photos, to also de-age a model or performer.

    We can only use model that have worked with our production and have given their consent for us to use their likeness in such ways. All current content that has been or is being produced within our rights of “Digital Manipulation” paragraph of model releases, which all models have sign and wavered their rights to.

    Since Deepfake has now become a more mainstream tool of creating content for entertainment use, with have amended of model releases in 2021 to allow models to opt out of this.
  • There is a daily download quote for all users to allow fare play for all member of the site, this is current set to an acceptable volume that users should still be able to enjoy the site.

    Video content is now streamed from the site, photo content can be downloaded as individual images, or as zip files. A slide show function is also available.

  • Video content on this website is available by streaming only.

    To repeat video content is current available on the site to stream in HD and 4K, where some videos are old, only a 1080p option is available. We have worked hard in the last two year to update and upscale the video content, bringing higher quality and better colour setting to the content. In some cases, we have taken the clips back to the original raw footage and have re-edited the clips to bring the subject and action closer to you and the screen.

    It is planned to bring a video on demand service at some point in the future, so that members can pay to download the videos, but the option to stream the videos at no extra cost will remain.

    Meanwhile you can buy and a download clips at our clips for sale store, which you can access here: College Uniform clips4sale.

  • Please keep in mind that we all must obey the law, both international and locally in the countries that the content is shot, where the site is hosted and where YOU (as the customer) live.

    Therefore, you will NOT find any content that is considered illegal by local or international law. This includes videos, images, photo, sketches or cartoons or text describing or implying the following:

    Child pornography (anyone under the age of 18years of age)
    Forced non-consensual Sexual Activity
    Hate Crimes
    Violence or extreme sexual violence
    Non-consensual Mutilation of body parts
    Scat, Depicting or displaying human (or any) feces

  • We have one major site policy, that is not to mention any (in name) organisation, establishment, school or college names or locations of the uniform or of uniforms they may be similar to in style on the site. All uniforms are referred to by a code number, if you wish to contact the site admin to request or suggest an idea.

    We do not encourage any behaviour that would be considered as "violent", "anti-social", "disturbance of the peace" or a "public nuisance". Due to that, commenting, private messaging between members has been disabled on this site. There is no public forum or open discussion area within the members’ section.

    You can directly connect site admin if you need to, as they can and will with you when it is required.

    For those of you that wish to buy a uniform, or seek out where we get uniforms, we will direct you to ebay, you will find a supply of uniform normally around the school holidays as people sell on part of or full uniform due to size requirements.

    You can also find several sellers of other uniform such as cabin crew or Fuku (Japanese schoolgirl) style uniforms.
  • Messages and Comments are encouraged as a part of user feedback. We can not produce the content you want without constructive and rational points of view. We want to include as much as possible all of our CU members in our comunity for the appreciation and fantasy you may have for models in school uniform and other uniforms.
  • The webmaster, Dark Reach Staff and where it is appropriate the performers. The Webmaster is the site owner. The Site is managed by Dark Reach and often check the messages and the site is running correctly. Where possible the adult performers read messages, but if you message are abusive, they will be deleted before performers see them.

    All messages are read at least once a week.

  • I left a comment, but it has not shown up on the site, why is that? We moderate all comments on the site. If you dislike something or something is not working, you can report it directly to the webmaster allowing them to correct the issue.

    If in some case a member is compelled to voice their dislike for a model, frankly we do not care. Please keep your opinion to yourself.

    We do welcome comment, it allows of to produce better content in a direction to is more popular for the website and it audience and fans.

  • There is normally a report bottom that directly sends the website staff the information of video and photo gallery. Once we see it, we will fix it for you. You should not even have to write anything.

  • All models by law are over the age of 18 at the time of photography, we must keep documented evidence of this which is a standard (international) running business practice. We are when required, to collect and store this evidence, otherwise we cannot operate as an adult content provider. All models are professionals, if an individual model offer other services to other clients outside their paid work with us, it is their own personal choice.

    We will NOT produce content that pushes any model into a situation that they have not agreed to before a shoot or feel uncomfortable producing, intimidated into. Most models are approached via agencies, some contacted us directly. We will not hand out personal information on any models. Will so not offer a hock up service or dating with any models here on the site.

    Models are also free to opt out of any facial cloning project and content production.
  • All our featured soft models (Glamour Models) are from the UK, they have produced soft pornography, this will be mostly topless and full nude images and videos. On some occasion you will find an odd British based model going to higher levels such as insertions, open leg, but members should not expect this in every image set or video from the same or any / every model.

    All UK models are professional established Glamour models, mostly hired via a model agency or on a mutual professional agreement through working together over a long period of time. As of 2023 we are now focused on working with models from the European Union.
  • All adult performers engaging in boy / girl content (with one exception) are from the European Union. We mostly seek professional model that are establish and have some experience or an agent. We require that anyone contacting us can show a portfolio or evidence of a professional produced content.

    Modelling of any nature is a skilled and difficult task. It can call for long periods of time and requires a great deal of patients at times. Understand that the production will not take any risk on employing a new, inexperienced “content creator” from Instagram or onlyfans.

    The require levels of an adult performer include hard solo, girl / girl hard and boy / girl hard.

    We prefer shooting models for this site that have natural looks, with little or none tattoos if possible. A lack of cosmetic surgery and where possible, models that are slim and have long legs are part of the theme of this site.
  • All models are required to be professional, established and have a good set of work ethics. We mostly look to book model via an agency, but at times we will work with models direct or reach out to models we think will be good for the site and production.

    We now focus on working with models from the EU as travel is an issue for any model coming from the UK.

    We run a business, every shoot is an investment of time and money, and we need to see a return and profit on such expenditure. We do enjoy our work, and the opportunity to work with new people, but work comes first.

    We have a set of requirements when selecting models, they are requirements and not options. Please keep this in mind, if you are rejected from shooting with the site, do not take it personally.

    For more information please click here.
  • This is an adult website. We work with industry professional and professional performers. All models are over the age of 18 Years old at the time of photography. If you have been contacting by anyone claiming to be from the website or claim to work for us, then please contact us immediately, as we do not outsource our content production without knowledge, or employee freelancers.

    Our website content sexually imagery and videos, all models where willing and freely gave their consent and in the knowledge that all content would be published and was compensated for their services as models or adult performers.

    This website covers a range of content from topless to full nudity and some hard solo set and female / female and girl / boy images.

    Models are never implied that they are younger than their natural age at the time of photography.

    We have a professional reputation to uphold, to push a model ot abuse them would therefore cause damage to this and would subsequently cause us to lose work and business and this is not our goal.
  • Wiil I get DeepFaked?

    Deepfake is not a simple process of putting your face on anyone else body, sometime your face may not be compatible. As of 2021, we wrote a new more in-depth model release, that clearly outline that Facial Cloning in the “Digital Manipulation” segment of the model release, to outline this clearer.

    Not everything is bad or evil about cloning you face, in fact there are many benefits to it, it can de-age you, of if there was a day or set of images you look tired or ill, well we can replace that. You could in fact extend you modelling career with facial cloning.

    Yes, it is true, we can put your face on some else body, if it is compatible, so does this mean you going to be seen in images or video doing something you have not agreed to. Well, no. we respect model and performers here. That is why you can read this now, before working with us, we want to be up front with you. So, we are not going to cash in of post you are fucking some guy, if that is not what you do.

    So, does this mean, you don’t even have to turn up to work for the site. Technically, yeah. And if you want to earn some money for letting us, use you face, drop us a line and let’s talk and get a license sort out.

    Models are freely allowed to opt-out of the deepfake / facial cloning at the time of signing their model release.
  • Do you (the model or ex-model) have worked for the production and now wishes that your content is removed?

    To be put simply the answer will be NO, you do not have any ownership of the content that you feature in, and therefore we will not remove it on request

    As a model, you have been paid professionally for your services and you have signed a model release giving waiving your rights of direction and ownership of the content you feature in., in many cases your travel to the production was paid, you food, accommodation as you where hosted for the production. Then there is the time and cost of the production itself, both pre-shoot, and post shoot, and if you worked with other models in your featured content there is also their costs to consider.

    We will not remove content, just because you have asked us to do so.

    So please, before you start to write to us and tell us you are of such an age, with a family and you wish you content to removed, start thinking about the cost of your shoot, the fee you where pay, the location hire, the cost of the the photographer time, the expense as most models had their travel paid, and food, and now the time and work in removing you from the site, plus you content is on the internet forever, even if we do remove it from the site.