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Models / Samantha Buxton
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Samantha Buxton Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 8inch / 172cm
Date Of Birth:  30 October
Measurements:  36D-26-36
Astrological Sign:  Cancer
Hair Colour:  Brown
Eye Colour:  Blue
Dress Size:  10
Shoe Size:  6
Nationality:  British
Photo Sets:  190
Movies:  44

It all started with Samantha Buxton, or Sammi as she came to be called on the site. The first test shoot we did for college-uniform.com back in 2004. Sammi was our first regular feathered model on college-uniform.com our first years explored our pathway forward, what we, and were we going to do. Due to that Sammi, is one of the most shot models on the site as she featured weekly on the site for about 4 years running.

We have plenty of photo-sets of Samantha Buxton mostly in schoolgirl uniform, but also other uniform such as cheerleader and military. Not so much on video due to video resources at the time being very limited. I think Sammi liked uniform, she always seemed to look smart and make the effort, she would joke around in it.

So, if you like Sammi, well we have plenty of photos of her here on the site, in nearly every uniform we had at the time we shot with her, she was mostly exclusive to college-uniform.com during her glamour modelling career in the UK.

"Featured Site Model" 2005
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"Featured Site Model" 2010
Samantha Buxton Updates

Team Ties
Samantha Buxton
It has been a while since we have had any new cheerleader content here on the site, and here is a little Bonus for Christmas as we give the stock room at CU a good clean out and some of Sammi, and a little bit of light bondage.


White Ankle Socks
Samantha Buxton
We hope you have enjoyed a whole week of Samantha Buxton if different form and styles, if you have done so, you will be happy to know that there is still more for you to see and coming soon to college-uniform.com


Still Testing
Samantha Buxton
We continue with Samantha test photos and add amateur style content to the site with today's update.


The Second Time
Samantha Buxton
Today's set of images was from our second shoot with Samantha, Photography still... well not great but we had started by this time to expand on our uniforms.

Test Shoot One
Samantha Buxton
Here we are with Samantha on the very first shoot back in 2004, Sammi is only 19 in these images and as you can tell we are now expect with any camera or photography. For those of you that like the amateur style of content, the next few days will make you very happy.


A Day in Bed
Samantha Buxton
Remember Samantha? this week is a special week and we re-visit Samantha's work on college-uniform.com and post content you not seen before, including some early test shoot, all week long.

Off to see the Wizard
Brooke Lee , Samantha Buxton
The three girls are back, in their plaid skirts and knee high socks, Sammie B, Samantha Buxton and Brooke Lee.

3 Girls and a Rope
Brooke Lee , Samantha Buxton
Sammie B give Brooke Lee and Samantha Buxton in a few lesson of knots and not getting tied down, but it look like she is takes advanatge of the situation and has a domination vibe about the whole exercise.

Three Girls and a Sofa
Brooke Lee , Samantha Buxton
Three girls and a sofa, Sammie B, Samantha Buxton and Brooke Lee, have a whole load of fun with each other in their schoolgirl uniforms.


A Simple Grey Uniform
Samantha Buxton

No need to feel grey, we are having a dirty weekend in! and Sammi has dressed up in this simple schoolgirl uniform with match tights and fitting flat shoes.

The Hot Girl in Class
Samantha Buxton

Today's update show how an average school uniform can look amazing on the right model and shot in the right way, the whole thing about college-uniform has been about the Uniform. remember thiat this website started with Sammi, oh so many years ago. Today's set show just how far we come and hopefully are still able to please.


Posh Blue Uniform
Samantha Buxton

Still adding a little twist here and there on our uniforms and image set, Sammi went for some heels with this uniform and it looks much better than it has before (in the past on her) and a little bit of pantyhose ripping!


Plaid Summer Dress in the Classroom
Samantha Buxton

Sammi Buxton is looking hot in this Summer Dress uniform, she really looks great and the last batch of set / shoots we done all have this same look about her, with a few extra addition made by her and keep it spiced up in her schoolgirl uniform.

Green Uniform in the Class Room
Samantha Buxton

today's uniform treat from Sammi, is more of a traditional schoolgirl uniform look, a smart bottle green uniform with tights and semi-flat shoe, Sammi has plated her hair and look fit to fuck in this uniform, talk to her nicely and she might tell you to jog on!


Blue Uniform and White Socks
Samantha Buxton

Let take a look up Sammi's school skirt, yes Sammi Buxton has another great schoolgirl update for you guy today, come and see her amazing photos inside our memebers' area.


That Blue and Yellow Plaid
Samantha Buxton

This is one of our newest uniform that Sammi Buxton has taken a liking to, the yellow and Blue plaid skirt is not you typical schoolgirl uniform colours, and Sammi have some cute short white sock with her heeled Mary-Janes.

Purple Plaid
Samantha Buxton

Sammi said to me, that we should mix it up and sex it up with a little more of a glamour in our photo set, and so we have high heels and long back sock with a slightly new approached to our uniforms in today's update from her.


Take a Bath
Samantha Buxton

Get ready to get wet with Ms. Buxton, as it is time to have some fun with her in the bath while she is still wearing her uniform.


CU Member
What a goddess, Samantha. Her thighs and legs are delicious and so so sexy and alluring. Her eyes are mesmerizing.