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Models / Lucie Kent
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Lucie Kent Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 6inch / 165cm
Date Of Birth:  23 September
Measurements:  32DD-24-36
Astrological Sign:  Virgo
Hair Colour:  Red
Eye Colour:  Brown
Dress Size:  10
Shoe Size:  5
Nationality:  British
Photo Sets:  25
Movies:  6

Meet Lucie Kent and welcome her to college-uniform.com, lucy is a current page3 girl and has shot for several other UK websites during her modelling career. I found that Lucie was fun and even more so attractive in person, she has a great face and a good sense of humour, and something about her reminded me of another model here on college-uniform.com, that being Jenny Lang.

Lucie shot with us the first time with her Friend Kara Cater, where thanks to the Tour de France, we almost didn’t make it to the airport. She shot again we us in the Eu and one more time in the UK, it always nice to see her and it always nice to catch up with her, she is a girlie, girl.

Lucie looks great in uniform, she is one red hot redhead schoolgirl, she looks great in a pair of Louboutin heels and always looks smart in her photos and videos.

"Girl Of the Month" May 2017
Lucie Kent Updates

BTS Xmas Special 4
Amy Green , Bryoni-Kate
Just a whole load of crazy and fun when we shoot for college-uniform.com


Hot Schoolgirl Photos
Lucie Kent
You have an invitation from Lucie Kent this weekend to come and take a peek inside college-uniform.com, start you weekend and a new month and enjoy Lucie’s photo set and video here on the site, possibly our favourite redhead on the site.


Posh Yellow and Blue Plaid
Lucie Kent

Lucie Kent (aka Harley Gacke) performs a strip tease video of her in her schoolgirl uniform, with her stocking and Louboutin high heels.


Hot Schoolgirls
Kara Carter , Lucie Kent

These two ladies look great in this uniform and today you get to watch them for real in this video of them wearing our hot schoolgirl uniform.


Maroon Strip Tease
Lucie Kent

Lucie Kent (aka Harley Gacke) performs a strip tease video of her in her maroon schoolgirl uniform, with her stocking and Louboutin high heels.


Dressing in Navy Blue
Lucie Kent

There is just something that works with white socks and Louboutin high heels, discover what it is today with Lucie Kent up tease, update!


Dressing in Brown
Lucie Kent

Here at college-uniform.com I am often asked, that if i ran a school, would I make it school policy that the girls would have to wear Louboutin high Heels, well my answer to that is, if I ran a school, I would be arrested! And now let me tell you about today's update from Lucie Kent, it is an schoolgirl uniform up tease, shot in Natural light, please enjoy and send me a cake with a file in it.


Dressing into Posh Black Uniform
Lucie Kent

Lucie is today wearing matching schoolgirl uniform and high heels, but first she has to get dressed into it.


In Maroon Uniform
Lucie Kent

One of my personal favorite set here with Lucie Kent, we just got her looking beautiful in this schoolgirl uniform, yes there is uniform, but she looks amazing none-the-less with her stockings and high Louboutin heels.


Navy Blue Uniform and Blazer
Lucie Kent

Pantyhose alert, and we are also talk opaque pantyhose (tights) with today's update of Lucie Kent in her schoolgirl uniform and Louboutin high heels, a total babe.


Navy and Pink
Lucie Kent

Yes we took time to shoot Lucie again in a simple schoolgirl uniform with pantyhose and flat ballerina shoes. Lucie just rocks the look with her figure and her amazing red hair.


Dressing in to Posh Black Uniform
Kara Carter , Lucie Kent

Ready with your school uniforms girls? Lucie and Kara get dressed for their classes today in their schoolgirl uniform, with their stockings and high heels of course, they attend a school with higher than normal standards.


In Green and Black
Lucie Kent

We are back for another shoot with Lucie Kent, looking great and day's update she gets dressed into schoolgirl uniform, yes not a strip tease, but an up tease.


In Green
Lucie Kent

Today's update see Harley (Lucie Kent) hit our to place for redheads here on college-uniform.com and her uniform was sent in by a member, we love it we member can be a part if the site. this uniform we added a pair of heel and green opaque stockings.


Summer Dress
Lucie Kent

Slipping on a summer dress uniform and a pair of pantyhose, Lucie Kent please uniform fans and those that like flat ballerina pumps.


Posh Plaid
Lucie Kent

Harley Gacke in schoolgirl uniform, a posh plaid uniform, with more stocks, more leg and more high heels, more more more.... don't stop!


Black Uniform with Stockings
Lucie Kent

Lets talk about color, white is for virgin, girl that will cry after having sex or and wedding (a prison sentience) wear black is hot and totally banging, and her is Lucie Kent, with her fiery red hair in a black schoolgirl uniform with stockings and painted Louboutin high heels.


Maroon and Yellow
Lucie Kent

One thing we like at college-uniform.com is legs... well we like uniform, OK so 2 things and we like high heels... so three things, however on the last. well not everyone does and so we call the police when we get emails from them asking for more flat shoes with our schoolgirl uniform. (no we don't) today's update see our very own redhead schoolgirl Lucie Kent in flat shoes and uniform, enjoy (freaks!)


Hot Schoolgirls Dressing
Kara Carter , Lucie Kent

Double the amount of hot sauce today, with 2 hot redhead schoolgirls, Luci and Kara wear the hottest schoolgirl uniform we have, dress both in Louboutin heels, long white over knee sock and with the trademark plaid skirt, these two American looking catholic schoolgirl will like to hear you confessions, and you will have plenty of hot sauce in you pants at the day of your session.


In Brown Uniforms
Kara Carter , Lucie Kent

Do you need help with you book report? these two book worms and will to give you a hand, with the match red hair and their match uniform. these two schoolgirl with not give you any distractions, honestly would we lie to you... ok you will not get anything done at all, but you will get a hard on.


Purple Plaid
Lucie Kent

I may have a liking for Harley in heels and stockings, she does look good in them, this great redhead model looks smart and totally fine in today photo update, of her wearing a purple schoolgirl uniform.


Maroon Blazer and Black Skirt
Lucie Kent

Here is Lucie (sound like a TV show) well Lucie or Harley what you want to call her is you choice, here we see her in another update wearing a schoolgirl uniform with pantyhose and a miniskirt, yes with flat shoes guys!


Dressed as Humbugs
Kara Carter , Lucie Kent

wow, humbugs, i would love to suck on these two sweeties in their uniform, dressed in green stripy blazer and green skirt, our high heeled redhead once again wear their schoolgirl uniform perfectly smart, and that good as their both can not wait to get down to their lingerie.


Classic Schoolgirl
Lucie Kent

Redhead Lucie Kent (Harley Gacke) fires up and get ready to show us what we have been missing, dress smart and ready for class, it is the teacher's day off, and she it ready to take control and show you how it is done in our classic schoolgirl uniform.