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Models / Holly Gibbons
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Holly Gibbons Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 3inch / 157cm
Date Of Birth:  14 October
Measurements:  32DD-25-34
Fun Fact:  "Regular Site Model" 2010
"Best Soft Model" of the Year 2017
"Best Soft Model" of the Year 2019
Astrological Sign:  Libra
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Eye Colour:  Blue
Dress Size:  8
Shoe Size:  4
Nationality:  British
Photo Sets:  118
Movies:  27

We had a long working relationship with Holly, she was most certainly popular on the site and continues to be so. However, with the pandemic, many things ended and as much she we like all our natural models many want to finish of their career, the way they want to, and this was so with Holly.

Holly is your typical middle class English girl, she went to a posh girl’s school, speak nice and want life as easy as possible but on her terms. She was a trained fitness instructor so was always in good shape herself, well needs not to be said, amazing pair of legs, but also you boob fans have plenty to enjoy.

Holly had worked for page3 for a very long time, maybe even one of their longest models many UK based websites and Playboy, but became known mostly before ended her career for appearances in Mayfair Magazine and some working time on the babe call in channels on UK TV.

Holly just caught the end of the golden age with her glamour career, and I feel she didn’t really have the opportunity and therefore the success as many other models before her. She also never really seemed to loosen up on shoots, it was always very hard to shoot upskirt.

Holly picked up the regular featured girl in 2010 for college-uniform.com, she took a break from that after college-uniform.com relocating its production in the EU. We then bumped into her at an Award show, and we chatted about her coming back and slip the uniform back on.

As Holly’ s modelling career went on, she became more confident and made sure she was in the best for shape, on the odd occasion we shot video her posh well-spoken voice is something college-uniform.com members loved, and always looked good in a short skirt, but ruled in stockings and high heels.

"Featured Site Model" 2010
"Featured Site Model" 2018
"Featured Site Model" 2019
"Best Soft Model" of the Year 2017
"Best Soft Model" of the Year 2019
Holly Gibbons Updates

Outta Of Here!
Holly Gibbons
A final bow,from Holly Gibbons with her very last photo-set here on college-uniform.com yes it really is an end of an era for college-uniform and Holly gave us so much to look at and enjoy.


How We Do It
Holly Gibbons
This is our last BTS video for Holly Gibbons, not the longest video we have from her. but none the lets you will enjoy it if you are a fan of hers.c


Glamour Star
Holly Gibbons
You watched the photo shoot, now here are the photo bright, white and Holly is just right and tight.


Morning Tease
Holly Gibbons
Imagine waking up to find holly Gibbons on your bed in her schoolgirl uniform and she teases you to get you UP! A little more than morning glory.


Girl at Work
Holly Gibbons
Check in for today long video update of holly Gibbons doing her thing in front of the camera.


Pink Princess
Holly Gibbons
A Bra and panty set from Holly Gibbons, against the wall i bet a few of you would like to get there against one, and pair of heels and a large pair of boobs.


Skipping School
Holly Gibbons
Sped the day skipping school with Holly and watch her tease in her very own favorite uniform around her house.

An Upskirt Adventure
Holly Gibbons
Sadly she is not in uniform, but we have gut Holly to relax from her prudent self, and we can get the camera up her skirt which is normally a difficult take in today's update, what colour are your pantys?


Winter Balls
Holly Gibbons
Ah Little Miss interesting is back, Holly's night at the school's winter ball, and I can think off 2 balls she could attend if she gets cold, but looks like she has already made her own plans.


Behind Stockings Scenes
Holly Gibbons
Come behind the scenes today with this video of Holly Gibbons posing in here high heels and stockings, It always good to see Holly in Heels and Stockings.


Hot Bra and Pantys
Holly Gibbons
Lets go uniform Holly's Uniform today and inspect the goods! a little set of her in her Bra and Pantys, with off course a pair of heels, this slut is prefect fucking material, anyone up for a one night stand?

High Class Blonde
Holly Gibbons
Holly is back! the High Class Blonde, but is she at the top of her class? Well I sure she will improve her grade when you see how much talent she has.


Boobs and Smiles
Holly Gibbons
There is nothing better than watch Holly slip in to her black lingerie stocking and heels, well unless you are slipping into her and playing with her boobs.


Grey Socks
Holly Gibbons
Time to see a video of blonde bombshell Holly Gibbons following her photoset in Grey long Socks.


In the Morning Light
Holly Gibbons
Come and see the long legs of Holly Gibbons as she spreads herself out on out bed in her schoolgirl uniform.


Grey Sock Tease
Holly Gibbons
It's all around Holly's house for an after school tease, and it we are lucky Holly my just let us all play with her bouncy tits, and stroke her long legs.


Long White Socks
Holly Gibbons

Holly get dressed for her classes and makes sure she is all smart and looking fine for her day at school


Red Dress Secertary
Holly Gibbons

Holly Gibbons give you a sweet tease from her home in her Secretary outfit today, fancy putting in a little overtime?


Duty Calls
Holly Gibbons

It is time to get to work and report for duty and with Holly Gibbons in command, she can not make up her mind to dress for duty, or just to turn up with the bare essentials.


Remember Me?
Holly Gibbons

Slip back in time a little and welcome Holly Gibbons back in to your bedrooms for a little fun and a strip tease in her schoolgirl uniform


It's beginning...
Holly Gibbons
It would not be Christmas with out see a little bit of Holly... sorry for the pun. We do have little in the way of video considering we shot so much of holly, so is always a treat to post a video for you guy, from her. Holly has taken to a college girl outfit in today's update which will please all those sock fans.


Up Skirt Adventures
Holly Gibbons
Holly Gibbons has fun teasing you with a rare opportunity to look up her skirt and inspect her white pantys. Check out her log legs, her white sock and high heels as we view up her skirt.


Back Office
Holly Gibbons
Visit the Holly's office, she has some admin and a few thing for you to look over and fill in.


A Winter Warmer
Holly Gibbons
Well Christmas is on the way (y-a-y!) and holly is already trying on her scarf with her uniform, but it is far too hot, so Holly cools of in her usual manner


In the Office
Holly Gibbons
You have been summoned to Holly's Office to talk about your opportunities, but none of them are work related as holly show you what is on offer in her office attire.


Special Tie
Holly Gibbons
Hot Blonde schoolgirl Holly Gibbons complains about her special school uniform rule and tie, on a hot summers day.


Jacket on, Clothes off
Holly Gibbons
Holly just can't make up her mind today, First she puts her Blazer on, next thing the whole Uniform comes off.


Colour Mix
Holly Gibbons

Mixing it up with today uniform selection for our wardrobe of school uniform, Holly Gibbons has opted for this navy blue and royal blue combination, and under than with her lingerie and stockings, and that is a treat, Holly Gibbons in lingerie.


Dress to Impress
Holly Gibbons
Holly in Nude and need to get ready in her uniform for a day at school, watch her get dressed for her classes.


Up Skirt Fun
Holly Gibbons

He is a rare treat for all those holly Gibbons fans on the site, not just a video, but an up-skirt video from the lady herself in schoolgirl uniform, get ready to see her white pantys.


A Christmas Cracker
Holly Gibbons

I am not going to do any Christmas jokes about Holly... maybe that is too late, but as it is the end of the year, well done for making it this far and not completely loosing it during 2020, here is something a little different.


Navy & Pink
Holly Gibbons
college-uniform.com top blonde is back in this very simple uniform that has a pink and white blouse, which does make it stand out from the rest. Holly has bare legs in this photo set, se you get to see just how good her legs are and she is wearing flat shoes.


A Navy Officer
Holly Gibbons

Blonde Holly Gibbons get dressed in her Royal Navy Uniform and gets ready for duty, by dressing smartly in her uniform not forgetting her stockings and high heels.


Air Hostess
Holly Gibbons

If you have been stuck at home this summer (Thanks COVID-19) and you missing the Sky Candy! Then here is Holly Gibbons currently one of the top models on the website to give you something to dream of, dressed in her cabin crew uniform, are you ready for take-off?


Holly Gibbons

Wake up this morning and watch Holly Gibbons getting busy with her school tie with our video, no doubt Holly will have some comments as she does like to wear ties, but as always Holly looks great in her schoolgirl uniform.


Opaque Pantyhose
Holly Gibbons

With Holly's Gibbons great pair of... legs, long and slender any lover of leg or leg wear will love today's update from her in her schoolgirl uniform with her high heels and opaque tights.


Dressing into Green
Holly Gibbons

We have a lot of videos and photo sets of Holly Gibbons dressing or "up tease" (as we come to know it), but we also have a lot of video of Holly, as we have worked with her for a long time and quite regularly. Holly always seems to be very smart when dressed in schoolgirl uniform (well now days) and this uniform is no exception, with her stockings and heels Holly looks great. Holly does look great in stockings with a pair of high heels.

So I know many of your are focues on Holly's boobs, so you will enjoy this photo set as you can see Holly Dress and getting ready for her classes, I believe it is sexual Education again, she is great at the practical session, very hands on!


Hot Schoolgirl Dressing Photos
Holly Gibbons

Holly Gibbons has worn this uniform several times now shooting for college-uniform.com and many of our regular girls do. The uniform is one of the sites favourite uniform loved by the members and by the girls who come and shoot, and well Holly looks amazing in it. The plaid skirt, the long with socks and yes even the heels work with this uniform.


Sexy Cop
Holly Gibbons

An arresting development when Holly Gibbons is on the job as a NYPD police officer, here to catch your eye and stop you from breaking any laws. Holly is eye catching in her police uniform that is for sure, and with the additional stockings and heels, she even include the look with a set of hand cuffs. Get in line boys!


Sexy Smart Secretary
Holly Gibbons

Here is a photo set of Holly Gibbons dressed as a secretary, yes, I agree with those that are now asking… is secretary "uniform" and the answer to that in no, they are not. However, if Holly was sitting dress sexy like this, you would want to see it and well we had it, so here it is, it worth viewing as she looks great in this office attire.


Summer Dress and Cardigan
Holly Gibbons

Holly is wearing a typical Australasian summer dress, sent in from someone down under. This summer dress, or I guess we should say high school uniform looks a lot like that that would appear in Home-and-away or neighbours and some we always refer to it here as home-and-away, this photo set was shot in natural light in our studio.

Blue Cheerleader
Holly Gibbons

Holly want to given one for the team, so if you are a play and game you can roll with Holly, Dressed in her cheerleader outfit she always loves to flash her cheerleader pantys with high kick and splits. However, Holly also loves to do the simply straightforward, get your clothes of, so fuck all that shit and get ready to see those pom-poms!


Green Humbug
Holly Gibbons

Holly look hot in this photo set, all that time away from us doing different things you can see that she is in great shape and in this photo set you can see her in stockings and high heels in this great uniform, the Blazer does look like a humbug but Holly rocks in this schoolgirl uniform and this is a great photo set.


Posh Blue and Yellow Uniform
Holly Gibbons

Holly’s Strip tease from her schoolgirl uniform. This uniform has a Yellow and Blue Paid wool kilt and woollen blazer to match with fitting pipping trim that matches the school colours, the last thing you would expect to see is a Hot Lady like Holly Gibbons perform a strip tease and flash you all in her Lingerie and high heels, but she does anyway.


Classic Schoolgirl Uniform
Holly Gibbons

Here is Holly, she has returned and here with have her in one of the top uniforms of the site, the uniform we refer to as the classic schoolgirl uniform, we have given her stockings. We have given her an expensive pair of high heels that she simply could take of afterwards, welcome her back, here is Holly Gibbons


Tight Green and Plaid
Holly Gibbons

We are at home with Holly today, and she is tease us on her sofa with her schoolgirl uniform and it tight fitting green plaid skirt, along with her pantyhose and flat ballerina pumps.


Blue Plaid
Holly Gibbons , Jenna Jones

We have Holly and Jenna both dressed in the blue plaid uniform today, as each of these girls helps the other get a little more comfortable, you get to sit back and enjoy the fun of watch the shed their schoolgirl uniform.


Green and Black
Holly Gibbons

A growing model in popularity on college-uniform.com is Holly Gibbons, many member love to she her in her colour combination of uniform here on the site, today's update show off Holly in a green and Black schoolgirl uniform, with Pantyhose and flat shoes.


Chavy Schoolgirl
Holly Gibbons

The Chav, a British phenomena and something really quite British. If you can image a hot girl, with the attitude or a turd, and vocabulary to match and the intelligence of a goldfish, and you are almost there, dump in laziness and bamm!. Someone once said, the English version of white trash, but British girl are much hotter and Holly Gibbons in her schoolgirl uniform show us today, the Chavy sort of schoolgirl that can be seen all over the UK.

Purple Uniform and Plaid
Holly Gibbons

Holly is wearing one of our newest schoolgirl uniform today, and today's update here at college-uniform.com will keep you happy while we get used to this uniform ourselves, it is purple! and i am sure with pair of high heels this uniform will look great.

Navy Blue and Green Plaid
Holly Gibbons

And now for something posher, Holly today is wearing on of those classic schoolgirl looks you will find in the UK, the sort of uniform worn by girls that attend all girls schools.

Green Summer Dress
Holly Gibbons

Get those summer vibes (and more) when Holly Gibbons show of her body and her new green summer dress uniform, Holly has gone out on a limb to create the prefect schoolgirl summer uniform with a pair of nude pantyhose and flat shoes.


Three Classic Schoolgirls
Hayley-Marie , Holly Gibbons

Yes, today’s update is a little over whelming, 3 classic schoolgirl all dress similar in the classic look St Trinana’s style uniform with Stocking and High Heels. Hayley, Holly and Jenna. Who is your favourite out of that bunch?


Green and Navy
Holly Gibbons

Schoolgirl Holly Gibbons show of her very long legs today in her school uniform and high heels and they are amazing.


CU Member
I like Holly a lot, she is a great looking girl, but she is just so boring. I look at her photosets are they are dull, despite her looking so good, she even looks like she is waiting for a bus. You get the sense that she is just a pretty girls who want to be paid money for just being pretty, there is no tease or personality that come over from her.
Site Admin
That is a perceptive observation
CU Member
I love Holly, just a great body she always seemed to have enough with a little extra of everything.