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Models / Chloe Toy
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Chloe Toy Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 4inch / 158cm
Date Of Birth:  24 May
Measurements:  32B-27-37
Astrological Sign:  Gemini
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Eye Colour:  Blue
Dress Size:  8
Shoe Size:  6
Nationality:  British
Photo Sets:  93
Movies:  119

It will come as no surprise to that Chloe Toy is one of college-uniform.com top models. We would have to see that Chloe is currently the best know British glamour models from the UK. If you are not from the UK, this may be the first time you have seen her, Chloe has enjoyed a modelling career with most UK magazines like Mayfair Magazine and its sister publications along with several UK based websites.

Chloe young and slender looks should not be underestimated as working with Chloe allowed college-uniform.com to raise the level of content, to a harder outlook. Chloe has mostly worked solo on the site, but she has a few girl / girl sets, she seems to enjoy fuck her pussy with a dildo or humiliating her audience in Jerk Off Instruction videos.

Chloe Toy look like a natural in her schoolgirl uniforms, with a great figure and a dirty girl mindset, you going to get hard and want to fuck her. We have plenty of photo set and video of her here on the site and she is regularly updated.

If you are a fan or collector of Chloe Toy’s content, then you better stock up on some tissues as she will drain your balls, as Chloe looks great dress up as a Schoolgirl or Cabin Crew here on college-uniform.com

"Girl Of the Month" December 2016
Chloe Toy Updates

Pussy Pleasure
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy is ready to spread her legs in her schoolgirl uniform, and to teas you with her wet juicy pussy, as she watches you pleasure her pussy with her pulsating massage wand, whilst in in her school uniform, lets watch her cum, talking about pulsating, I think you have you cell phone in you pocket set on vibrate.


Purring Pussy
Chloe Toy

OMG Chloe Toy! Is it me, or is she always play with her pussy. Now I would offer to help her out with something ease she could play with, or at least use to balance out her sexual tension, but I am sure many of you want to volunteer and help her out in her schoolgirl uniform today, along with those classic schoolgirl socks.

Doxy Massage was kind enough to supply us with a free massage wand of her to play with in one of our Schoolgirl Uniform if you fancy a try, pick up one here DOXY


Dressing Tidy
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy, is again back for today’s update. One of college-uniform’s top models with her more natural look. Today’s update sees her getting dressed and ready of her classes in her schoolgirl uniform. Dressing smartly in maroon uniform with her long grey socks and heeled Mary Janes Shoes.


Bondage Blonde
Chloe Toy

Sweet Chloe Toy maybe one the most popular girls on college-uniform in her uniform and her yet to be tamed virgin pussy. But she has only gone and done it again! Chloe enjoys being suppressed and someone else’s bitch, so she is also playing and tying herself up in ropes and chain, in the hope that someone will find her and take advantage of the situation, Chloe, in uniform and tied up, what comes into mind here?


Sign Up Now!
Chloe Toy

Do you remember Goldfinger and Pussy Galore flying squad, well if you have a cold finger, Chloe Toy says you can park it in her hanger. Chloe has been put in charge of recruitment and she is using all her skill to get people to join up. Get you privates orientation with the recruitment officer now! Once Chloe has put you through her basic training, you won’t want to discharge from being serviced by her in her military uniform.


Gym Pantys
Chloe Toy

Do you like pantys? do you like Chloe Toy? or maybe option three do you like Chloe Toys Pantys? We will discover the answer to all these important question in today's video with Chloe, where you will learn some life lessons I am sure, but I have to say that I can not get the image out of my head of just bending her over and spanking her in her pantys and and then fuck her in her schoolgirl uniform, join the queue here at college-uniform!


Looking Good
Chloe Toy

Welcome to a New Year at college-uniform and dressing up with Chloe Toy in various uniforms. Yes, Chloe is still with us and she is more than happy to keep you hard and your cock throbbing for the rest of the year, best way to keep in these cold January days! however I know another way you could keep warm with Chloe, keep the uniform on and just slip of those pantys.


Bully 4 U
Chloe Toy
Not try and look that up in the yellow pages (do they still have those) Bully 4 U is not a business, It is a Role Play with Chloe Toy where she take on the role of the School Bully and beat you up… so fight back, and hopefully she will beat you off... could be snow soon!


Fuck Me!
Chloe Toy
Here is another classic photo set of Chloe Toy in schoolgirl uniform and flat shoes spreading her legs so you can fuck her from behind of your teachers desk. This photo set does match up with her video we posted some time ago.


Can I Suck.
Chloe Toy
Yes, you can, Chloe Toy oral examination will be a successful pass as she has been practicing and practicing, she is out to get a distinction, unfortunately no one has told her it not that kind of oral exam, but they all enjoyed the one-on-one session she has asked for.


Play with Me
Chloe Toy
It been a while since we have seen Chloe Toy in her gym kit and gym pantys, so what are you wait for, lets get her netball skirt of and ready her for a real physical workout.


Smoking is Horny
Chloe Toy
A fact you didn’t know about Chloe Toy, is that she only smokes when she is horny, so dressing up as a slutty schoolgirl in uniform with heels and stockings makes her very horny indeed, anyone got a cigar handy?


All Whom Sail In Her.
Chloe Toy
I think this is one of Chloe Toy better set that we have shoot, today is wears a cold war era Royal navy uniform and looks smart and sexy in it, still I have plenty off seamen she can take on board if she is willing.


In the Bush
Chloe Toy
Sometime you just can’t hold on and you need a pee, our schoolgirl Chloe Toy was walking home and had to divert into the bushes to take a leak. Looking around she saw no one, which was odd as we where there to film it.


You've Been Watching...
Chloe Toy
There have been a few videos of Chloe in this schoolgirl uniform and today you get to see the photos, watch her spread her slender legs and dream of entering her pussy, penis first!


Want My Pussy?
Chloe Toy
Schoolgirl Chloe Toy, opens her legs and invites you will fill up her pussy with your hot spunk, and you can have her legs wrapped around your body as you fuck her in her schoolgirl uniform.


True Blue
Chloe Toy
Spring is on the way and Chloe Toy wants to spring on you with her juicy pussy, but you don’t seem interested, so today she slips into one of CU first uniform to hit the site.


Too Late, But So Great!
Chloe Toy
Hey Mr Scruffy! Chloe Toy forgot to give you a Valentine's gift, so this morning in the school Common room, here is a chance for her to drain your balls dry and she suck your sock in have uniform.


Reaady for your First
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy get dress and prepped for her first class of the year, ready and smart in her uniform, with a wet pussy to meet her favorite teacher.


In the Cockpit
Chloe Toy
All I asked for was a bag of hot nuts, and Chloe Toy started to play with mine and then preceded to drain them, I am not sure which airline she is working for this week, but it does explain why Chloe seems to change cabin Crew uniforms so many times, all the customers look happy, she really does challenge the term cock pit with her mouth.


Run The Runway!
Chloe Toy
Take a trip up Chloe Toy runway, her landing gear is up, it is take to get her up, take contorl and ride her the way your want her to dressed in her flight attendant uniform, this Air Hostess is looking for a promotion within the ranks of the cabin crew.


Pop Quiz and Tie
Chloe Toy
Watch Chloe Toy smarten herself up with her school tie and jersey, before we ask her some question about herself, modelling and off course schoolgirl uniforms.


Bondage Babe
Chloe Toy
Chloe has done it again, she has herself tied up in knots, while play with her role in her school uniform, she kept asking for help, so we gagged her just for some peace. Still look at her in her uniform, well it is a nice view. Chloe's update this week is schoolgirl uniform with a little light bondage.


Smoke Break
Chloe Toy
Time for a little extra Chloe Toy this month and so sit back and enjoy watching her smoke a few cigarettes in her schoolgirl uniform.


Chained Humiliation
Chloe Toy
Get a piece of Pussy and a piece of Chloe toy's mind as she tells you exactly what she thinks you pathetic you!


Mr Scruffy's BJ
Chloe Toy
Yes Mr Scruffy get a blow job from none other the schoolgirl Chloe Toy who love to suck cock in her schoolgirl uniform. Maybe she will spread her legs and part her pussy over his cock if her is lucky.


College Girl
Chloe Toy
Chloe take on the college girl look this months with her long sock and tank top

A Shoe Show
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy put on a shoe shoe, and talks about what and how she like each pair and how her heels make her heels feel like a slutty schoolgirl, the kind of girl you want to fuck and want you to fuck her hard.


Warm and Wet
Chloe Toy

Slip into something warm and wet with Chloe Toy as she takes a dip in the bath, still fully dressed in her schoolgirl uniform and get herself very wet, and her uniform saturated by the soapy water.


Old School Garter Belt
Chloe Toy

We are gong a little classic today, Chloe slips on a uniform with a green and red stripped blazer and an old school garter belt hides under her school skirt with her stockings.


My Best Friend
Chloe Toy , Danielle Maye

Danielle Maye introduces Chloe Toy to her best friend and they get to spend time having some fun together in true girl / girl style.


A Nice Blow Job
Chloe Toy

Nothing better than to start a day or finish a day with one of our favorite girls in schoolgirl uniform and Chloe Toy really hits the spot with she sucks cock.


More Pink
Chloe Toy

Showing a lot more pink in this photo set, as Chloe Toy once again put on an air Hostess uniform to join another Cabin Crew, and she is already and prep for the hospitality


Classic Schoolgirl Jerk Off
Chloe Toy

Take a firm grip with Chloe Toy as she gives you a little education on what you are doing wrong and how you can enjoy yourself so much more in her first Jerk Off Instruction video of 2022 here on college-uniform.com


Wrapping Up
Chloe Toy
Here is one Toy would want to get for Christmas, but first you will have to wrap in up and wait for the big day, what games would you play with Chloe Toy in her schoolgirl uniform?


Smoking Schoolgirl
Chloe Toy
Watch Chloe Toy in her schoolgirl uniform smoke a few cigarettes without getting caught, by her window as she also teases her uniform and socks.


Hot Schoolgirl Dressing
Chloe Toy
returning for her monthly visit, Chloe Toy update this month is an up tease (dressing) and getting ready in her schoolgirl uniform, which happens to be one of the top uniforms on the site.


Alone with My Vibe
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy has some fun with her Vibrator, she has ripped the crotch of her pantyhose so she can insert it in to her pussy and and rubs herself through her tights.


Brown Gym Pantys
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy slips into her schoolgirl uniform, wearing her brown and Yellow Gym Pantys and Opaque Pantyhose.


Chloe Toy
On this month's update from Chloe, you get to spend some time in the front seat with her and experience what some time in the sack would be like with her in her schoolgirl uniform.


Always Cute in Plaid
Chloe Toy
Chloe is here to hit us with her first summer heatwave, looking cute in her plaid skirt, she has something more than books to show you today.


I see You
Chloe Toy , Danielle Maye

Chloe Toy spies on her School Teacher Danielle Maye, as they both relive themselves of some sexual frustration.


A Jerky Landing
Chloe Toy
After a long flight Chloe Toy does have much time to tell you how to Jerk Off with you small penis in this Jerk Off / Humiliation video update.


Airline Chick!
Chloe Toy
It's a new Uniform. one that has been long await here on college-uniform.com, Chloe Toy has joined another cabin crew team as a flight attendant


Big Gym Pantys
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy is very popular on the site, many people love seeing her dress in school uniform and being shot as a schoolgirl, but many like the fact, that Chloe is a dirty bitch that really like to tease her audience and today in the big panty show, tissues at the ready.


Schoolgirl in Stockings
Chloe Toy
We continue in 2021 with a monthly visit from Chloe Toy, this time around with have a Photo set update with Chloe in schoolgirl uniform, playing with her vibrator.

Smoking in Stockings
Chloe Toy
It maybe a New Year, but will still continue with a monthly visit from Chloe Toy, and this month she kicks of her monthly treats with a little video and something she may have got over the holidays


A Detention with a Difference
Chloe Toy
Starting 2021 of with a Video update, run over from December's bonus updates, a Bondage video of Chloe in Schoolgirl Uniform


I Love Loubs
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy, show us that she love her Louboutin heels so much, the if she could, she would fuck them.


The Job Interview
Chloe Toy
Chloe attends a job interview, that requires her to test sex toys and in this video she demonstrates how she will do that to the interviewer if she had a job of selling items on their TV Shopping Channel


No Fucking Machine
Chloe Toy
So Now Chloe has addmitted to wearing her stockings to school, under her schoolgirl uniform, it is time to pay the price, but sadly the school's fucking machine is broken.


Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy has been called in for break the rules again, it is not the first time (off course) but rumour and doing the round, that she is wearing stocking to School, it which Chloe has cover up, by using her socks.


Pussy Pleasure
Chloe Toy
Ready for Chloe, She is ready for you, and this week really puts her pussy to the test.


Glass Dildo
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy returns for a tease and please in one of our best uniform, kitted out with long white socks and Louboutin Heels, and plays with her glass dildo and suck and fuck her little pussy.


Green and Red
Chloe Toy
Here is the last update of Chloe Toy.... for 2020, yes she will be back next year and next month, and every month! so enjoy you Chloe Toy Tease for December, and check out her Christmas Stockings and Specs.


Pussy Inspection
Chloe Toy

Any opportunity for you to get close up and in person with Chloe Toy, as it is time for you to inspect her pussy in her schoolgirl uniform, and remember you can expect a second visit from Chloe Toy tomorrow.


A Stocking Tease
Chloe Toy
Wake up this Saturday Morning with a little Christmas Stocking treat, Chloe Toy with tease you into the correct Christmas mood in her own way.


Chloe Toy
What a way to start of December, with an extra update of Chloe Toy in USAF uniform, and boots. We have bonus updates of Chloe and Natalia Forrest during December, stay tuned!


Humping a Bag
Chloe Toy
Some time ago we shot Chloe Toy dressed in schoolgirl uniform dry humping a sofa. Today she is back in the studio, where schoolgirl uniform again. With flat shoes, long white socks and a traditional school hat, horny and ready to hump her school bag and make her pantys wet!


Happy Landings
Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy looks good in any uniform with her slim figure and she always looks exceptional in cabin crew uniform, the only place you want Chloe to land it on your face.


Sucking It Good
Chloe Toy
It is Chloe Toy turn for the Lolly Pop treatment, We know that many of you absolutely love Chloe Toy here on the site, dressed in schoolgirl uniform and now she can tease you in her uniform by sucking and licking the length of this hard candy!


Flying Somewhere Hot
Chloe Toy
It our Monthly update from Chloe Toy and she is wearing a very distinctive airline uniform this month, so if you are missing your time in the Air, let Chloe fulfil you desires of seeing that eye-candy in the sky in her cabin crew attire.


Sexy Black Uniform Vibe
Chloe Toy

Chloe has colour coordinated her vibrator with her school uniform, se this naughty schoolgirl get up to some extra curricular activities, she parts her pussy lips and pops it in, and dress in high heels and stockings in her school uniform, you would expected that Chloe toy was up to no good.


Glass Dildo and Pantys
Chloe Toy

Most members on college-uniform.com would love to help Chloe Toy slip it in, today you can watch her do that with her glass dildo while she teases you in her uniform and marking her 130th update on the site.

We have an update from Chloe every month, so if you are a fan of her or just of school uniform and I sure you will enjoy seeing her dress in schoolgirl uniform. This month's visit from Chloe is all about socks and those regulation / gym pantys that so many of you like, Chloe is wearing sport socks with her ballerina flat shoes and gym knickers, and she is really enjoys playing with her glass dildo.


British Air Hostess
Chloe Toy
Most of our members know that we don't just cover schoolgirl uniform, we have Military and Airline uniforms also and her you can see Chloe Toy dressed in a very popular British Airline uniform as your own personal member of cabin crew. Now it time to sit back and enjoy that in-flight entertainment.


Gagged in Red and Navy
Chloe Toy

Schoolgirl Chloe Toy gets her wish today, she want something hard in her mouth so she can bite down on, and while she is dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, Chloe enjoys being restricted in class.


Green and Black Uniform
Chloe Toy

Flashing a little more than just her pantys today, come as see Chloe Toy latest schoolgirl uniform sets, Chloe always looks great dress up as a schoolgirl and today's uniform is no exception with he long white socks and matching pantys.


Smiple Navy Blue Uniform
Chloe Toy

A simple and great schoolgirl uniform today, and Chloe looks great in this navy blue uniform with it black opaque pantyhose and chunk old school style shoes


Airline Babe
Chloe Toy

Don't worry if you are working on the ground crew, at some point, what goes up must come down and Chloe Toy will so have her high heels back on the grown, and then you can mix with the cabin crew, and may be you can take off with Chloe, and when you go up, I don't think you will be coming down anytime soon if Chloe in her airline uniform has anything to say about it.


Blue and White Plaid
Chloe Toy

What do we like about Chloe Toy, she is dirty (for sure) she look great in uniform (yep, check that one off) and her body, I like her long slender legs to which on a winters day, would make a very good scarf. However Chloe is today in one of our schoolgirl uniform that does get out much along with some nice high heels.

Dressing in Black and Yellow
Chloe Toy

Chloe Toy get dressed into one of our favorite uniform today and with her slender legs show it off in a mini-skirt and a pair of black high heels.


Flight Attendant
Chloe Toy

By day, she is a schoolgirl, at night she is a air hostess and at the weekend she alternates between the armed forces and the police, Chloe Toy can't get enough of uniform, and you seem to also enjoy her in the, today's offering is another airline uniform and Chloe join another cabin crew team.


Uniform and Socks
Chloe Toy

Oh dear, Schoolgirl Chloe Toy has forgotten her pantys (again) well luckily she can cover it up with her vibrator, and she looks very happy that she didn't forget that today, before she left for her classes.


In Hot Water
Chloe Toy , Danielle Maye

Here are two schoolgirl that get each other wet, dressed in our hot schoolgirl uniforms they will do that, in the shower, two fully dressed girls in the shower wearing their uniform, please pass the soap!


In Maroon Uniform and Socks
Chloe Toy

There is nothing like a clean pair of pantys, and Chloe love to flash her pantys when the color matches the uniform, dressed in her maroon skirt and blazer with her long grey socks, you to can see Chloe Toy school knickers today, and more!


In Purple Plaid
Chloe Toy

Dressed in today's uniform, Chloe Toy has finally helped us find the look for this schoolgirl uniform, our purple plaid skirt with it matching tie, looks great with fishnet stockings and high heels and that all looks good on Chloe amazing body.


Book Worm
Chloe Toy , Danielle Maye

I am not sure what kind of worm that is, but get ready for some hard the normal action from Chloe Toy and Danielle May from the school library, here are two schoolgirl that should not be left unsupervised.


Classic School girls
Chloe Toy , Danielle Maye

Chloe and Danielle and ready for a little girl on girl action today and they are wearing matching uniform, our classic schoolgirl uniforms, navy blue, with pleated skirts plenty of stockings, plenty of high heels and plenty of pussy.


Summer Dress
Chloe Toy

Things are warming up with Chloe Toy in her summer dress. Check out this little schoolgirl number, a summer uniform with classic schoolgirl shoes and knee high white socks.


In Navy Blue
Chloe Toy

Navy Blue make up most of the uniform in the UK when it come to color, one thing that is not so common is Chloe Toy, we wish there was more girl like her, horny, hot and looking great in schoolgirl uniform.


Girl Domination
Chloe Toy , Danielle Maye

Be my Bitch! and that was not an option a Danielle Maye took total control of Chloe Toy and then made her cum in way, well only girls would know. see these two schoolgirl and the games they play with each other in their uniforms.


Chloe Toy

Ready for life in the fast lane, Chloe Toy is wearing a USAF uniform today, we given her a high rank, because we have a bombing run we want to do on her. dressed smart in her heels and stockings, I am ready and looking forward to reporting as a test pilot, under her.


Chloe Toy

Cop a load of Chloe Toy today, dressed in her police officers uniform, yes Chloe is a member of the NYPD, and it her job to hand cuff you and collect DNA evidence, she will have to suck you cok, and they is the best way of getting a DNA sample, and U an sure that all the time she is dressed in her uniform, you will be will to offer you help, and fill her requirements.


US Army Uniform
Chloe Toy

Helping out with recruitment, Chloe Toy slips into another US Military uniform, today she is work for the Army, and dress smartly in her uniform with her stockings and heel, she is ready to give any new man join the service, an incentive to get in.


Plimsoles and Summer Dress
Chloe Toy

Lot's of the model, like our summer dress uniform, they are let restrictive that the blazer, we have Chloe a blue plaid schoolgirl summer dress for today's update with pantyhose and plimsolls.


Classic Schoolgirl
Chloe Toy

One of the newest girl on the site and growing with popularity, Chloe Toy looks amazing in this schoolgirl uniform as she does in the heels and stockings.


Joining the US Navy
Chloe Toy

Even the best people must have a recruitment drive, and so Uncle Sam, has called up Chloe Toy to help out in her US Navy uniform, I bet Chloe is good at giving orders.


Turning Japanese
Chloe Toy

If i said Fuku, don't be offend, from what I am told this in the name of the uniform that Japanese schoolgirl wear to Joshi Kosei (JK), which is there term for high school. Chloe today, goes sailor moon with this Japanese look.


Chloe Toy
Welcome Chloe Toy to the site, she is our newest model to join the line up of girls here at college-uniform. Today with have slipped her in this tight skirted uniform with some stockings and low heels just to put her though her paces and see what she has. And we know that all of you would also like to slip into something tight, that is Chloe, well watch this space as Chloe Toy is about to rock college-uniform in as many uniforms as we can find her to wear.